Shower leak repairs and waterproofing

Shower Repair & Waterproofing Services

  • Residential and commercial tiling
  • Bathroom tiling
  • Wet area waterproofing
  • Kitchen splashback tiling
  • Shower tiling & waterproofing
  • Balcony waterproofing & tiling
  • Anti slip for wet room tiles
  • Laundry and change room tiling
  • All aspects of tiling & waterproofing
Tiling services Sydney

Tiling Services - Bathroom and Kitchen Tiling

In Sydney and looking for plumbing & tiling services?
Protect n Seal are professionals in all aspects bathroom refurbishments.
Whether you are thinking about getting new tiles for your bathroom, or doing a bathroom renovation project Protect n Seal can assist in creating an aesthetically pleasing and safe bathroom.

Perfect tiling can give your bathroom an amazing makeover.

We will ensure your bathroom is made to budget, safe by selecting the right tiles or using non slip technology and waterproof.

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Waterproofing services Sydney

Waterproofing Services

In Sydney and looking for waterproofing services?
Waterproofing is a preventative investment for your home or commercial business providing security for the future of your dry spaces for years to come.
Our waterproofing process involves the use of certain solutions to make building materials impervious to the infiltration of water. The resistance to moisture beyond its outermost layer can last for years, therefore waterproofing provides a barrier and preservative for the building materials.

Waterproofing protects your hard earned investment for years to come.

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Shower leak repair and tiling shower base repairs

Waterproof your leaking shower

Rotten timbers, soft plaster and ruined carpets can result from a leaking shower.
If left unattended it could potentially cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

A standard showerhead uses at least 120 litres of water per eight-minute shower


Protect n Seal can waterproof your shower several ways depending on how bad it is.
  • For minor shower leaks our no tile removal service is cost effective and convenient.
  • More advanced leaking showers may need some tiles removed to remedy the problem.
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Bathroom tiling shower repair and tile regrouting Sydney

Bathroom tiling or splashback rejuvenation

We provide broken tile repair, bathroom tiling (or kitchen tiling) for your tiling needs.

Mouldy or discoloured grout making your bathroom or kitchen look old?
Our bathroom rejuvenation service is a great way to breathe new life into your bathroom.

Old grout and tiles become new again. You'll love the results.

Protect n Seal

Don't spend thousands on a new bathroom, these days lots of people are opting for this service. It's cost effective and environmentally friendly (no wasted tiles) and in most cases can be done quickly. We promise we'll clean up all the mess!.

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Balcony tiling repairs and shower waterproofing Sydney

Leaking balcony repairs- Waterproofing & Tiling

Protect n Seal provide a range of services for your balcony including re-tiling, regrouting, waterproofing or we can apply our no tile removal treatment. Missing tiles, missing grout or water damage under the balcony can often be a sign that you have water saturation under the tiles. The cause of a leaking balcony is the waterproof membrane failing due to improper waterproofing techniques or not leaving enough time for the application to cure.

A leaking balcony is dangerous. If left over a long time the leak will rot adjoining areas, cause discoluration on walls and affect the integrity of your balcony.
You should call Protect n Seal for a free quote immediately if you have a leaking balcony.

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Anti-slip tile treatment by Protect n Seal Sydney

Anti-Slip - Tile treatment

Slippery tiles and areas are a falls risk. If you have slippery tiles and areas this can be remedied with our anti slip treatments. We have various anti slip solutions such as our anti-slip treatment, anti-slip dots, anti-slip floor and stair treads. We provide anti-slip solutions for home and commercial.

We can greatly reduce the risk of falls and injury increasing slip resistance especially in wet areas.

Good for ceramic and quarry tiles, porcelain, terracotta, pavers, concrete, enamel baths, shower bases and wet areas.

Please call us for our full range of anti-slip products.
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About Us

Protect n Seal provide a waterproofing full service using only the highest quality materials. We do all aspects of waterproofing, tiling, shower repairs,re-grouting, balcony repair, stone restoration and anti-slip solutions. Specialists in shower repair, shower re-sealing and bathroom rejuvenation.

We offer a high quality workmanship and service residential, real-estates and strata.
Member's of the Master builder association with over 20 years experience and our 15 year guarantee ensures your peace of mind.

Protect n Seal are members of Master builders assoc.
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