Leaking Shower Pan

The most important feature in a ceramic tile shower stall is the shower pan.
The shower pan channels water to the drain and prevents the shower from leaking.
It is critical that the shower pan be installed correctly and that it is waterproof and durable.

The shower pan is actually a mortar bed consisting of a flexible shower pan liner sandwiched between two layers of mortar.
The shower stall walls are framed with 2x4 studding and faced with some type of back board underlayment designed for receiving ceramic tile. The installation of a shower pan starts with the spreading of a layer of mortar. The mortar needs to be sloped properly to enable water to run off towards the drain.
The flexible plastic shower pan membrane liner is then installed on top of the sloped mortar bed.

It's important that shower leaks be fixed immediately to prevent costly water damage if left unattended.

Eddy, Protect n Seal.
Are you experiencing a leaking shower? It's likely the result of poor workmanship in the preparation of your shower pan.
Protect n Seal are experts in shower pan fitting and repair and can save you money in prevented water damage.
Our experienced shower experts will ensure the shower base has the correct amount of mortar and is sloped correctly.
Tiles will be correctly cut and installed. Lastly we'll use our unique waterproofing method to ensure no moisture seeps through the grout lines.
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